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MSU Urban IPM Program - Certification

Requirements of the program:

  • 12 credits of approved training must be completed to become a Certified Urban IPM Practitioner.  The initial period in which to earn certification was 1/1/2010 to 12/31/2012.  Anyone who earned certification in that period is certified for the next period 3-year cycle (1/1/2013 to 12/31/2015).  During this cycle, Certified practitioners must complete 12 new credits in order to retain certification in January 2016.The credits will consist of activities including submitting samples, first detector training, surveys and workshops offered by the Montana Department of Agriculture and the Montana State University Urban IPM Program.
  • Ways to earn credits include properly submitting samples, first detector training, surveys and workshops offered by the Montana Department of Agriculture, the Montana State University Urban IPM Program and other programs.
  • 6 credits may be earned by completing online courses.
  • The Pest and Pesticide Use survey should be completed once every 3 years. Information from the survey will be used to target further education and resource development..

What you receive from the program:

  • Relevant, up-to-date and scientifically based information on pests and how to control them.
  • Access to training developed by the MSU Urban IPM Program.  
  • Pest alerts via the Urban IPM Notices and  AgAlert email systems.
  • Once certified, you may brand your business as MSU Urban IPM Certified (logo for use on letterhead, etc.)
  • Publicity for your business on the Urban IPM Website


Frequently asked questions:

As a landscape professional, what is the advantage to me and my business to become IPM certified?
Being IPM certified will allow the landscape professionala marketing advantage, appealing to consumers who want to reduce their environmental impact. Once you become certified, you will have access to the MSU ExtensionUrban IPM logo that you may use on your Website, business letters, promotional materials, advertisements, etc., to let the public know you are educated in use of IPM techniques for the state of Montana. Your business will also be featured on the Urban IPM website.

What are the requirements of becoming IPM certified?
To become IPM certified, you will need to obtain credits by attending live workshops, internet-based workshops, and taking part in preapproved activities such as signing up to receive Montana AgAlerts via email or fax. Many of these workshops will coincide with activities required for pesticide applicator license renewal through the Montana Department of Agriculture.

For more information, contact:

Eva Grimme
(406) 994-5150